About Me

3D lighting rendering compositing  texturing and  lay out modeling
I’ve worked hard to reach the skill level I have in almost every art aspect, whether its
2D design on paper or 3D in computer. My specialization lies in 3D Lighting and 3D lay out modeling , but I’m
skilled in every level of creative designing…
I’m seriously motivated; and work on a lot of stuff, wishing to push my knowledge further.
I love 3D Lighting, whether be it character interior or environmental lighting, i am well reversed with the technical
field of Photoshop that gives me an edge in texturing and compositing my final render,
working in the field of my interest, it has made me capable of producing cinematic quality render may it be simple scanline lighting or mental ray…
I’ve done a lot of things, designing in papers which i can incorporate in 3D…
i am well versed in many 3D visual softwares like Maya, 3ds max, zbrush, Photoshop, Premiere pro etc
with my strength being in Maya Premiere pro and Photoshop.
My creativity helps me in the creation of characters from concept art to 3D using my own imagination.
I can work with any theme, and am always motivated! I love working in teams and helping others in any way I can
My Demo-reel may be viewed in the given link below:

One thought on “About Me

  1. I always knew u hd gr8 potential of becming a skillful animator… U have worked hard for everythin u have achieved till date and i hope u achieve even greater skills.. All the best Bro…

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