Creative Writting


Forgotten in times are some stories,
enveloped by time it fades….
Driven by fate the character walks,
And embarks on a journey unknown..
They build their roads with their actions alone,
Each with unique facade…
They sing they dance, they dream, they build,
the world they call their own…
Some fall and cry, some fly and smile…
in this river of life that flows..
i sit and watch, from the window of life,
what the sand clock of destiny unfolds…

Hope/Asha [for my sis :)]

Light of life also cast shadows,
sometimes we fumble across it…
Driven by our vivid memories of light…
we vaguely wander about, only to be e enveloped
by the gaping mouth of darkness…
As we reach a bleak zone of terror…
Confusion seems to play its part well,
as it strands us from our strength…
and we find our-self in one corner,
Filled with terror and panic…
As we weep through this gloomy time,
We see the light afar,
and a new courage emerges from no_where,
the courage we understand is hope…
hope gives us the courage to stand,
and chase away our demons…
its strange to know that a simple word,
Can be such a beautiful strength….


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